14 thoughts on “extraordinary space

  1. oh my loveliness. that first photo.. the open-ness, the lighting, that chair – so awesome. i want to do an office/study room and replicate that whole space

  2. Oh, hunny, I couldn't agree more. I dream daily about the things I'd do with my nice, clean, white studio/office space. Some day…! Meanwhile, these picks are fun to oggle over.

    I love San Francisco…I spent a semester studying there at the Academy of Art and it's just such an amazing city. What are you editor of? I'm a freelance writer, though, I live on the east coast.

    Nice blog!

  3. Ooooh. I must have white walls around me, all brightly lit – both white and yellow lights would be good, depending on how I feel. I'm big on paper, so I'll definitely want a shelf filled with all sorts of colors and types of papers! A comfy chair, some little potted plants, and not to forget a big bright window, that had the morning sun coming in. So good for inspiration.

    But moving on to hopes & wishes, I'd love for my window to be facing the beach, and some trees sharing the view. Beautiful. 🙂 Hehe, hope I didn't go overboard. : xx

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