Oh, Hello 2011!

{Me, Kate, Megan}

Here are some things I’d like to do in 2011:

Send my friends birthday cards. Like, in the mail.
Move around more. Sitting at a desk all day is NOT the business.
Have less road rage.
Work on a portfolio.
Spend more time with my grandparents {already do quite a bit of this, but…just sayin’}
Eat more cheese.
Learn to refinish furniture.
Consider a brick + mortar store.
Take at least 2 trips with my friends. One is already in the works! {Hello Orange County + Congrats to Nick and Margaret on their engagement!}
Be more dedicated to this poor, neglected blog.

Last, but most important and all-encompassing: Be fearless.
I’ve read so much lately about success and personal growth and how it’s rarely the most talented or smartest person in the room who gets the attention/job/guy/whatever; It’s the most fearless.
This year I will take leaps of faith {um, already done – more on that to come}, trust my intuition, go after what I deserve. I will not be complacent when it comes to my future.
And so, behold my 2011 mantra: