Made So Well

I know I’ve said this before, but fall brings out the best in clothes every single year. Rich textures, people actually put on MORE clothing {almost always a good thing} and everyone just classes it up a bit more.
Some things I am especially into this season: slouchy, over-the-knee socks, messy hair {okay, that’s every season}, chunky glasses, mustard yellow, scarves, and clogs {yes, clogs!}
So basically, what I am telling you all is that Madewell is bringing the heat this season.

{Images composed by From Portland to Peonies}

{p.s. gotta love that American flag! Happy Belated Veteran’s Day to all who have served}

6 thoughts on “Made So Well

  1. hello friend!
    i am equally obsessed with all things madewell & wore my favorite alexa+madewell black dot blouse @ yesterday eve's anthology soiree @ west elm last night!
    wishing you a terrific weekend!
    sylvie of silver lining

  2. Hi Logan!

    Found your blog through a comment you made on my wedding on Undeniable Style's blog! Love your inspirations, but wondering why you didn't link back to my blog on this post? I'm guessing you just forgot where you saved the images from since you link back on all your other posts! Anyhow, no big deal, just wanted to say hello and thanks for your comment on our wedding!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. You should see my chunky red glass bottle glasses … stylish but I need them too as I am as blind as a bat. And, mustard is my favorite shade this season. Loved this post! xo

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