The Beat Goes On

The big day has come and gone, but the festivities, oh, are they still on!
I had a perfectly lovely day and was greeted after work by my boyfriend wielding champagne and an iPad! I just about keeled over from happiness.
Tomorrow morning I’m heading up to Napa to celebrate with a hyper-fem pool party! Think homemade photo booth, fresh strawberry cupcakes, metallic balloons, disco balls and free-flowing champagne…you get the idea.
It’s going to be a bash to remember! Pictures will follow. Hoping you all have an over-the-top Labor Day weekend!

Oh, Hello September

Well, well, well, look what we have here. It’s SEPTEMBER and my birthday is tomorrow! I’ve been mentally drafting a review of my 25th year, but haven’t decided whether to actually write and post it. There are only so many emo posts one can handle, y’know?
What I do know is that I look forward to these illustrated calendars from Lisa Rupp each month. I like to think the bunting and streamers are just for me. Click here to download.