Fiery Macaron

Loving this take on the hottest dessert trend since cupcakes {adios cupcakes, you’ll always be dear to me!}. So fiery and fun! Though I have to say, a similar torch made its way towards me during my birthday dinner with my bf and I was sweating before he could say, “It wasn’t me!” I like it…just maybe for someone else’s birthday.

The Perfect Shade of Grey

I am totally, completely over the moon in love with these grey walls. It strikes the perfect balance between a smoky charcoal and a faint, barely there grey. The sea foam and coral accents really stand out and that peacock isn’t hurtin’ either!
p.s. I dream for the day that I have a spare bedroom to turn into a giant dressing room – wow!

{Images from Country Living, scanned by Shelter}

Sneak Peek {Birthday Edition}

‘Ello doves! Here’s a little sneak peek at the weekend birthday festivities. I had a wonderful time with my best girls and am now anxiously awaiting my boy’s safe return from a bachelor party {where I’m told he shaved his beard into a handlebar mustache – sigh} before jetting off to Vegas with my sister tomorrow. It’s a rough life!
I’ll do my best to have some posts up during the week, but the full party reveal will come next week. Happy Labor Day to you!