Yin & Yang

After a week of flying high, feeling energized, inspired, and refocused on what I want in life, I had a week where I repeatedly had the wind knocked out of me {figuratively of course}, my feelings hurt and just a generally blech time. Yin and yang.

So often we only put our best foot forward on our blogs. And why not? Who wants to dwell on the negative or be the Debbie Downer of the internet? Not I! I so cherish this little corner of the internet, the people I’ve met, the opportunities it has afforded me. No, this is not a goodbye post, not at all. I just think that every once in a while, we should all check in to the reality of yin and yang and realize that the reason we are able to experience and appreciate moments and lifetimes of such great happiness is because we have the darker moments against which we can compare.

Phew, I feel better. I’d be thrilled to hear your thoughts {if you have any} on the subject. Here’s to a happy and fulfilling weekend, xx.

6 thoughts on “Yin & Yang

  1. thank you for saying YIN and YANG. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people say YING and YANG. sorry, that was totally off topic. thanks for having such an uplifting blog, i enjoy all the eye candy it gives me.

  2. i so agree logan. some people harp that blogs arent real because its just all the good stuff, the staged photos, etc. but if it makes you happy and brings someone a little joy to their day, thats the whole point.

    hope your weekend WAS happy and fulfilling.

  3. I try to document the "not so good" stuff too, but it is hard! Good work. And I loved what you said about the darker moments helping us recognize the bright moments. So very true. Hope you had a sunny weekend 🙂

  4. I always am nervous to share too much of my personal side or things I am going through (do not want to be a debbie downer) but sometimes just putting it out there really helps and sometime seeing that other people are struggling too puts things into perspective.

    I hope your weekend was wonderful!

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