Two Tone

I’ve been thinking about two-tone hair for some time now. There’s just something so glam about the way celebrities pull off 6-inch+ roots. I’ve been considering going back to my natural hair color, but as anyone who has dyed their hair knows, it can be a long and daunting road.
My personal hair dye endeavors began with a mischievous cousin and bottle of Sun-In when I was 12 {sorry mom!}, so there’d be quite a bit of history {I mean hair dye} to undo. What do you think? Does it look okay as long as you keep some highlights in the front?
I slipped my picture in below so you can see what I’m working with. Can you spot me?! {Hint: I’m not Jessica Biel}


11 thoughts on “Two Tone

  1. i LOVE the two toned look. i asked my hairdresser (my aunt) about it and she said it's pretty hard to achieve, so make sure you go to someone who knows what they are doing, but i say go for it!

  2. love love love the two tone look! im currently growing out my hair, go for it! ive been super happy so far, the first 3 months were the hardest, after that pretty easy!

  3. Mine is kind of like that now, since my blond-ish highlights are growing out. I can see how it would be hard to blend it in to give it the "grown out" look — but I guess you can always dye it again if you don't like the results? It's cute!

  4. Shoot, if you don't have gray then the sky is the limit. Believe me, this I know. What do you think of Ashlee Simpson Wentz's?

  5. I had my hair done like this at a salon and had disastrous results. So my husband and I bought a bottle of dye at Walgreen's and took the task on ourselves. I've received tons of compliments! I love the look very much!

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