Fun Fact

When I was in high school I dyed the tips of my hair fuschia. Soon after, the girl who happened to be sleeping with my boyfriend followed suit.
Sick, huh?


9 thoughts on “Fun Fact

  1. That's so bad ass! I was never allowed to dye my hair ANY color–I even wanted to use kool-aid since it's temporary, but NO. Now I have to dye my hair to hide the greys. Boo.

  2. that's super akward btw….i dyed the underneath of my hair hot pink in high school…i really want light pink pieces all over but don't think work would be too thrilled 🙁

    congrats on winning the necklace! I'll mail it tomorrow…or I can drop it off wherever you work/live..whatever works best for you

    also re angel island festival…if by dazed you meant that i was also a hot mess then you are definitely correct! and i was an idiot and wore my highest wedges thinking it would be flat so i had to walk around bare foot…oh well…you win some you lose some 🙂

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