Can Anyone Tell Me?

…what I need to do to get hair that looks like this?

I know the answer is 5 pounds of extensions, but I really wish it weren’t.

10 thoughts on “Can Anyone Tell Me?

  1. I've been on the search for this answer for years. My hair looks nothing like that. It just gets long and scraggly. If you do find out the secret, let us all know, PLEASE!

  2. i'm not the hugest fan of her, but yes. her hair's beauty cannot be denied.

    jessica simpson's got great hair too, but then again, stylist ken paves is her bff so he might have somethign to do with that.

  3. So funny, I'm watching The City right now (for the 5th time) as I'm reading this. You'd need a stylist to do your hair every morning. As well as the extensions. You know, before you stepped out in front of the cameras. 😉

    Actually, maybe some velcro rollers? And a really good curling iron? Her hair is amazing, I agree.

  4. She annoys me so much but I always envy her hair- she must have someone do it everyday. Every time I see a celebrity with hair I like, I just tell myself if I had a personal hairstylist I would have that hair too. Don't know if it's true but I like to think it 🙂

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