Happy Memorial Day Weekend ♥

Happy Memorial Day weekend, loves! I have been looking forward to this long weekend like nothing else. Tomorrow I get to see my sweet nieces in a dance recital which always makes my heart feel like it could explode any second. Sunday my boyfriend and I are taking off for a lazy overnight trip to Calistoga. Can’t wait!
Hope you take some time to spend with your family, enjoy the sunshine {finally!}, and most importantly, honor those who’ve died for us to live the way we do. USA! USA!

And The Winner Is…

So, I’ve finally chosen a fabric! I wish I had a larger image to share, but I’m going with a beautiful Thomas Paul fabric in a teal+cream combo.
The scale of the print is much larger than shown below, but the color is pretty true. Phew, I am so glad to have this done and big thanks to Jamie for her help! On to the final step – turning it into a gorgeous upholstered headboard! Hopefully I still have a boyfriend by the time we are finished.