Be Right Back!

I am crazy busy with work this week! Deadlines, deadlines and more deadlines. So sorry to let this go by the wayside, but sometimes I have to pretend to be a grown up {boooo}.

Please accept my favorite shots from the most recent Lonny as a token of my love. Be back soon!

Happy Weekend ♥

Happy weekend, doves! Anything fun going on? I’m heading north to Petaluma tonight to spend some quality time with my sister and nieces. Tomorrow I am hanging out with one of my oldest besties {who is just a few months pregnant with her second girl – precious, right?} and whatever else my heart desires. Can’t wait!
Peace and love to you, wherever you are.
{aren’t these paper cuts stunning? see more here}

Feeling Punchy

How awesome is this piñata? Oh, to be a kid again, beat the crap out of things and still get candy at the end.

I recently started taking a turbokick class (which I am pretty good at, if I say so myself) and it’s made me a bit…aggressive.