Thailand 2010

My friend Megan and I just started brainstorming about a possible trip to Thailand in 2010 and now I can’t focus on anything else!
Have any of you been? Any ideas or tips about the the best way to organize this thing? I am hoping to go for approximately two weeks.

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Happy Autumn!

I know we’ve all been hanging on to summer for dear life, but today’s the day – it’s Fall {according to the calendar anyway – we’ve still got a few of the best weeks ahead of us in SF}!
Time to break out those knee-high boots, tights, scarves, tartan, pumpkin lattes and kick some leaves around. The beginning of autumn is always a little bittersweet, but I love that it kicks off the holiday season {ok, maybe I’m jumping the gun a bit}.
What do you look forward to this season?
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Leaving Las Vegas

Ahh, I’m back. The glitter has been shaken off my clothes {get it, get it? I am so funny – if you don’t get it, you obviously don’t listen to enough top 40 radio} and I am home and it is silent. Which might sound lonely to some, but I’ve been packed into a room {granted, a very big presidential suite at the Mirage Las Vegas} with 20 of my best friends, nine of whom were men! So you can imagine my extreme happiness at being home and back in the solitude of my own bedroom.

That being said, I had the most amazing time. Six of us girls arrived first and were immediately given two free daybeds at Bare {don’t worry grandma, I kept it classy}, which makes lounging in the sun with big frothy cocktails that much better.
If any of you party animals are heading to Las Vegas any time soon, I insist that you go to XS. It was by far the most beautiful, decadent, opulent and, well, excessive club I have ever been in and it was an amazing time.

Hear Me Roar

While the reflection of the disco ball highlights Lo’s dancing silhouette, my computer screen provides a similar type of glow. As I write (and you read) our favorite blogger is dancing like Donna Summer in Vegas and once again I am thrilled to contribute to her ever-so-spunky blog.

What I find most spunky, and therefore fitting for this guest-post, is the sense of independence. Only in the past six months have I truly felt the many dimensions of independence and thus the authentic value of its definition. Independence is the ability and comfortability not only to call the shots, but to define them. When personal, financial, and life-changing tribulations are involuntarily presented there is a choice to be made. Do I take control of the wheel or do I allow myself to crash? Though this question may appear cliche, its metaphorical implication is powerful. Is it the same thing to prevent yourself from crashing than to steer the wheel? What makes you feel independent and how is that independence relevant to your life?