Blog Out Loud {The Recap}

Blog Out Loud was overflowing with awesomeness. My friend Kate and I arrived about 20 minutes early and got a parking spot right outside BellJar {good parking karma coming my way} so we were able to feel it out without being obviously stalker-like {I prefer subtle stalkery}.

Once we saw people arriving and checking in, we knew we were safe. I wasn’t aware of this beforehand, but they were giving away gift bags to the first 20 people who arrived! Lucky us.
It was so rad to people watch as the place filled up! It was standing room only by the time the panel was introduced. The coolest part for me was seeing people whose blogs I’ve been reading for years. I will say I didn’t learn that much. I think it was aimed at people new to blogging or looking to start their own blog and I pretty much spend my life reading blogs, I am familiar with the way things work, but that’s not to say I didn’t take anything from this event {other than being totally starstruck}.
My notes, for those who are interested are below. There was a videographer there and I know they plan to have video from the event up shortly, so you can check that out here.
How blogs help business:
-great ad method
-personalized way to sell products
-content compliments website
-promote, but don’t overpromote
-link to product pages, e-commerce
-show passion for your product
-commenting on other blogs
-email vs. spam comments
Limited, but helpful. Especially the networking segment. The effort you put into connecting with another blogger cannot be emphasized enough. Make an effort! Be personal and likeable. Don’t spam people to exchange links, to write about you, to visit your blog. Give them a reason to want to and the relationship you form might create something you might have never experienced otherwise.

Alice Lane

That headboard in my last post got me dreaming…I’ve been thinking of a bedroom upgrade {my current headboard is from Ikea – I’m sure a lot of you feel my pain} and I stumbled upon this beauty from Alice Lane.

Unfortunately they’re all the way in Utah and shipping on furniture is out of this world, but I am tagging this for the future.