Weekend Highlights

Well, well, well, where has the time gone?! It’s Monday evening as I write this and I am just winding down from a whirlwind weekend that included: dinner and dirty martinis at 5A5, one of my dearest friend’s baby’s 1st birthday party {an awesome party with sangria and a slip n’ slide – for adults}, a chance to catch-up with old friends, slumber parties, multi-course brunches and birthday shopping sprees – and, perhaps luckiest of all, I found out I won the Bandit giveaway over at Ruby Press PR!
What a fabulous weekend – I feel so lucky!

A Little Glitz

Love this mirrored staircase! I love how it ties together two of my favorite elements. How dreamy would it be to walk up and down those each day? It might even assuage my OCD reflex to count every stair as I walk.

It reminds me of this image which is also dear to my heart.

Seen here and here.

Sunday Suppers

This tabletop from Sunday Suppers is too gorgeous. The fresh flowers and all that wine…yum!
As is traditional in Italian families, my entire family {there are usually about 13 of us} meets for dinner on varying Sundays and it’s one of my favorite things. I always leave feeling so full and whole {in more ways than one} and being surrounded by the people I love is a great start to my week.