Faves Of The Day

I’m going to take a page out of Kelly‘s book today and list some faves of the day:
-Rooftop lunches
-Surprise mid-week drinks and cheese plates at Tipsy Pig with my mama!
This song Naomi posted last night – I’ve been listening to it on repeat. So soft and delicate.
This new {to me} blog – after a quick look, I’m conviced the author is my internet bff soulmate.
-Freshly painted nails and toes!
-All the new fall clothing I am seeing popping up here and there.
-My little brother starting to {seemingly} get his act together.
-Wearing little braids in my hair.
Phew! This is a good exercise in reminding yourself that it’s the little things that bring us joy…what’s brightening your day today?
Love to Kelly for inspiring me.