Annabel Tollman

Go here to read this brief interview of Annabel Tolman, stylist to Scarlett Johannson and Mariah Carey {time out – MC has a stylist? Annabel should think about revising her resume, yikes}.

Anyway, what piqued my interest was the mention of her degree in fashion journalism from Central Saint Martins in London. I didn’t know such a major existed! I was a journalism major myself, but that sounds so much more fab and I have been thinking about graduate school lately…

The university also has a blog! How cool is that?!

Coffee Lover

Let’s talk about coffee for a moment, shall we?

I bring this up today because I was talking to my sister on the phone as I left the house this morning and forgot my purse. So I have no lipgloss, no debit cards, nothing! As I realized I’d not be purchasing my usual venti-iced-coffee-sweetened-with-whole-milk, a big black cloud settled in over my brain.

I soon got over myself and am currently drinking the coffee brewed in my office and guess what? It tastes like coffee used to taste…like regular coffee. That might not make sense to you, but my Italian/Spanish grandparents began giving me coffee when I was roughly 7 years old. A lot has happened to coffee since then. I sweeten my coffee at home with chemicals that taste like hazlenut. The coffee I order while out and about is mass-produced and sweetened with some form of liquid sugar.

This doesn’t even touch on the cultural side of things, but hey. I look forward to coffee every morning and more than that, I crave an iced coffee in beautiful weather {which we’ve been having lately}.

What’s your relationship with caffeine? How do you take your coffee?

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