I’m Back!

Hello loves! What a week it has been in my world. It started with my brother sliding down a 30 foot cliff at Stinson Beach and well…it only got worse from there. 

I am back in San Francisco {where the weather is maaaaarvelous} and back to blogging! 

Hope you missed me as much as I missed y’all.


photo by Sweet Paul via Mary Ruffle.

Sad Buzz

Hi Everyone. My grandma died early this morning, so I am sorry to say it will be a quiet week {or two} around this little part of the internet.

She was a fabulous woman whom I’ll miss dearly. Thanks for all the good times Beverley Jane, I love you.

Photo by Jen Gotch.

Spun Out

I went to a spin class for the first time in my life last night.

I don’t usually like to talk about things this gruesome on my blog, but man, do I feel violated today. I expected to be sore, but not quite in this way.

Do any of you spin? Aside from putting a pillow on your seat, how do you get past the horrible pain?

Photo by Cig Harvey.