I think mantras are a positive thing. It takes a while to not feel silly repeating the same thing to yourself over and over, but it’s hard to dispute the “take on the world” feeling you get afterwards.

Some beautiful design-inspired mantras of mine are below.

As you probably already know, these posters were fly-posted all over Britain during World War II and are now being reproduced. Their design, font and detail are all beautiful and it’s a great thing to take a second and remind yourself during your more hectic days.

You can find these all over the internet, but Victoria of sfgirlbybay prints them monthly and will ship them to you for a fair price.

My second pick is less of a mantra and more of a reminder. I ordered this Nantaka Joy card before her site was live from a lovely site called Figments.

I have this framed on my desk at work and every time I look at it I am reminded of all I have to be happy about. The color is rich and vibrant and the details are beautiful.

Do you have a favorite mantra?

photos from Nantaka Joy and keep calm posters.

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