It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like..

Well, not Christmas, but…

I love Halloween for several reasons. The biggest reason is that it signifies the beginning of the “holidays” that many people dread, but I LOVE!

Just something about being cozy in frigid weather, time off, quality family time, a break from your normal routine, what’s not to love?

Since it’s no longer acceptable to trick-or-treat at the ripe age of 23, I don’t have a themed sorority party to go to, and city officials have shut down the annual Castro Halloween Party, I’m not too sure what I’ll do to ring in this years round of holidays! I am open to suggestions.

Biz Lady Meet Up!

Grace from design*sponge is hosting a Biz Lady Meet Up in San Francisco on October 23rd!

I believe it’s a sounding board for women with design/craft businesses (I have neither) to discuss specific issues they face and so on, but I emailed her to see if I could come just to soak it all in and she said yes!

I’m so stoked! If you’re in San Francisco or the Bay Area, you should come too.